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Meet Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn Aluotto is the Co-Founder and President of No Trafficking Zone. Widely recognized as a disruptor on the front lines, she has emerged as a national human trafficking specialist. Aluotto's unwavering commitment lies in the belief that to effectively dismantle human trafficking, we must establish robust systems and enact legislation that safeguards children and ensures the accountability of perpetrators.

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Jacquelyn Aluotto is an expert at leading divergent entities to intersect for the
purpose of innovative and social impact
. She is reputed as a hybrid human
rights activist, anti-trafficking specialist, victims advocate, filmmaker, and

trailblazer. Her gift for intersecting media, intelligence, technology, law en-
forcement, and community-based organizations, makes her valuable across

many spectrums. Aluotto deploys these skills to prevent and combat commercial sexual exploitation, oppression, and human trafficking. She speaks

and lectures regularly to educate and train advocates, public officials, victim
service providers, hospitals, faith groups, law enforcement, schools, and
governmental and non-governmental agencies concerning trafficking trends,
policing deficiencies, and disparities in solutions to the plight of trafficking.

She has the ability to combine the grit of working against injustice and traf-
ficking while creating the spark needed for national mobilization. She uses

these skills to elevate the need for supporting service organizations that work
to transform communities in crisis.

Two decades ago in the spring of 2002, she produced the groundbreaking
documentary “Not In My Back Yard.” In 2010 Her film received a standing
ovation from 63 delegates representing their countries in Washington D.C.
The film gave an upfront and personal look at violence in America. Jacquelyn
was the first person to film in battered women and children shelters across
America. For seven years she traveled across the nation filming and studying
systems and organizations that were breaking the cycle of violence. Aluotto
also documented systems that were perpetuating it. Jacquelyn has filmed

and studied over fifty-five thousand hours of extreme violence and oppres-
sion against women and children in America. The education she learned from

her documentary inspired her to found Break The Cycle. In 2017, Jacquelyn
was invited to participate in a congressional roundtable. The purpose was to
discuss the dangerous activities surrounding trafficking on the Texas
border. Aluotto presented footage from her in-depth studies on trafficking
patterns and made recommendations on new legislative changes necessary

to protect children on the border. Her work has been highly esteemed and
has helped with the shaping of new strategies for saving lives on the border.
In 2018, she also co-authored an amendment in collaboration with members
of Congress for victims of restitution, who were bought and sold on the Back
Page website. In 2019, the second-largest Precinct in the nation decided to
build an Anti-Trafficking Unit, Jacquelyn Aluotto was hired for the job. Her
multidimensional role included serving as Human Trafficking Liaison, and as
an Advocate for children, and their families.

In January 2020 the United Nations International Council Of Women Found-
ed by Susan B. Anthony pinned Aluotto in a special ceremony. They honored

Jacquelyn’s work for the past two decades fighting for justice to combat hu-
man trafficking, sex crimes, and ending suffrage against women and children.

Also in 2020, Jacquelyn co-founded the organization No Trafficking

Zone. NTZ, Inc made history when NRG Park became the first sports and en-
tertainment No Trafficking Zone venue in the world. In 2021 the fourth-largest

task force in the nation started by the Justice Department asked Aluotto to
join them. She became their Community Awareness Coordinator because of
her extensive human trafficking work that spans diverse communities and

In 2021, S.B. 1831 the “No Trafficking Zone Act” passed, which protects chil-
dren in every school throughout Texas. Aluotto was the catalyst for this criti-
cal legislation. The groundbreaking law is disrupting predators with harsher

criminal penalties that prey on youth at school and school functions. It is also
providing safety for parents and students against grooming, sex trafficking,
and commercial sexual exploitation. Aluotto believes that in-depth education
and training along with policy change will prevent and combat exploitation

and sex trafficking. It also helps dismantles inept systems that are not pro-
tecting our Nation. Her presence was requested yet again in 2021, to present

and speak on the intricate and heinous crimes happening at the border. The
other presenter was former Homeland Security Director Tom Homan.

In 2022, Congress requested Jacquelyn Aluotto to testify on the Oversight Of
Federal Efforts to Combat and Prevent Human Trafficking: the Subcommittee
was Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. She was one of eight experts
chosen to present. Jacquelyn works extensively alongside survivor leaders,
governmental and non-governmental agencies, intelligence specialists, faith
groups, networks, families, communities, and individuals that are committed
to fighting human trafficking and finding solutions for victims to heal. She is
requested to consult with governmental and non-governmental
agencies. Aluotto believes it is the courageous individuals in power who are
making a difference and not the political parties. Her philosophy is that both

parties and all communities must come together to protect children and in-
nocent people. Jacquelyn stated on Capitol Hill that we all must lend our

voice to people who are not being heard and make it our priority to fight for
all children as if they were our own.

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