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We educate and collaborate with religious leaders on how to prepare their places of worship to combat human trafficking. The program was created by clergy and human trafficking specialists to be customized for each place of worship. We also have digital options available for this program.

Praying In a Church

NTZ Faith was established by pastors, clergy, and spiritual leaders with the primary objective of guiding and training religious institutions in collaboration with survivors and human trafficking specialists. This exclusive and tailor-made training program raises awareness about human trafficking and its profound impact on vulnerable communities, churches, and faith-based institutions. The comprehensive training equips participants with a toolkit, instructional videos, valuable resources, and a personalized model for churches and faith communities. This educational, advocacy, and support initiative plays a pivotal role in preventing exploitation and aiding survivors in their journey to healing. Furthermore, it assists churches in effectively addressing this crisis within their community and enhancing their support services.

Church Aisles

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