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about us

Our Mission

No Trafficking Zone is a (501C-3) non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of human trafficking. Our mission is to disrupt and dismantle human trafficking by creating No Trafficking Zones that implement high-risk penalties and crimes for predators that prey on children and adults. No Trafficking Zones provide resources, and education to support leaders, businesses, community members and law enforcement to ensure the safety of vulnerable children and adults. We know that through public awareness, implementing legislation, and advocacy, we can create a world free of human trafficking. 

Our Story

No Trafficking Zone was launched in January 2020 with the purpose of forming an innovative initiative to combat human trafficking. The initiative became so effective, and in high demand, that it evolved into its own organization, actively collaborating with a robust group of expert advocates, elected officials, business professionals, survivor leaders, and community leaders to combat human trafficking through impactful education and legislation.

Our Team

  We have an extraordinary team of compassionate warriors, united in their mission to combat the heinous crime of human trafficking. A beacon of hope and courage, they are a force to be reckoned with, unyielding in their pursuit of justice and empowerment for the oppressed. At the heart of their work is the principle of servant leadership, where each member selflessly puts the needs of survivors and victims above their own. Their unwavering dedication is evident in every step they take, seeking justice for those whose voices have been silenced.

  Their passion for this cause is the driving force behind their tireless efforts, motivating them to work tirelessly day and night to dismantle trafficking networks and recover victims from the clutches of despair. Fearless and brave, they stand on the frontlines of this battle, confronting the darkness head-on with unwavering courage. Their bravery knows no bounds as they face danger and adversity to recover and rehabilitate those who have fallen victim to this harrowing crime.

  Leaders amongst leaders, they inspire not only their own team but also the global community to unite against this grave injustice. Their exemplary leadership sets the standard for others to follow, rallying individuals and organizations alike to join the fight and eradicate human trafficking from the face of the earth. A team of unrivaled talent and skill, they bring a diverse array of expertise to the table. Together, they are not just a team; they are the driving force behind a movement that will change lives, rewrite destinies, and redefine humanity's commitment to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Our Impact Partnerships

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