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Our Legislation

Modern Classroom


Senate Bill 1831

The "No Trafficking Zone Act" aims to protect students by imposing harsher penalties for offenses near schools and during school functions. Offenders contacting, arranging meetings, or picking up students within the designated zone will face enhanced charges, including the use of technology for school-hour pickups. 


House Bill 3553

HB 3353 extended the protections established by Senate Bill 1831. Additionally, HB 3553 included all universities and colleges (higher education) within the "No Trafficking Zones," ensuring enhanced safeguards within 1000 feet of these institutions. This legislative action aims to deter trafficking activities near educational premises, providing stronger security for students and higher education communities.


House Bill 3554

HB 3554, an extension of Senate Bill 1831, includes community centers, youth shelters for the homeless, juvenile detention centers, Residential Treatment Centers, foster care facilities, and child-care centers within the ambit of legislation. These legislative measures demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of children and students, reinforcing the fight against human trafficking and exploitation.

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