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Jerri Moore

Meet Jerri Moore.

Jerri Moore is an award winning Independent film producer, designer, and philanthropist. She is a third-generation Houstonian and lives in Houston with her husband Jim and their dogs Armi and Stevie.


A third generation Houstonian, Jerri’s roots are of great importance to her. Recently appointed on the board of The Greater Houston Partnership Fashion Task Force, Jerri has been given the task of developing the Fashion Industry in Houston alongside Neal Hamil. Not to cut her abilities short, Jerri’s support for her city goes beyond her work for Fashion. She is involved in and on the board of many local non-profit organizations such as Houston’s Council on Alcohol and Drugs as well as Crossroads. Her loyalties go beyond Houston as she supports charities on a National level. Jerri is a Silver Circle Member of the Dream Foundation; an organization that supports the terminally ill and their families. There appears to be no limits to what this talented lady has to offer! Jerri recently received the honor of being nominated for the prestigious “Rising Star” award from Fashion Group International (FGI) and is now a recent member of this highly acclaimed organization. The Jerri Moore collection can now be found in five high-end stores across Texas; a figure which will no doubt escalate as she continues to cause a stir across the Nation!

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